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90000 Service

The main concern during your 90000 service check at A-Plus Automotive is the condition of your timing belt or timing chain. Every vehicle has one, and every vehicle’s timing belt will eventually wear out. Their average life span is 90000 miles, which is one of the reasons the manufacturers call for the 90000 service check on the part. At A-Plus Automotive our technicians are experienced with all makes and model vehicles and can inspect and replace your timing belt easily.

While replacing a timing belt during your 90000 service check may be more money than you are comfortable paying, the cost of replacing a belt after it has broken while you are driving is almost 8 times more. The timing belt helps to coordinate the camshaft and crankshaft, which operate the valve system in your engine. Without the valve system, or with one that is not working properly, your engine will overheat quickly. This isn't like when it overheats because coolant is low, when an engine overheats due to valve failure it most often has to be replaced. The 90000 service technician at A-Plus Automotive can inspect your timing chain to make sure it is in good enough condition to drive, or will replace it so you don't have a costly repair later.

Call and make an appointment today at A-Plus Automotive for your 90000 service. We have one of the largest onsite inventories in Dinuba of OEM and approved replacement parts for most makes so you won't have to wait long for your car.