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Oil Change Dinuba

The technicians at A-Plus Automotive are professionals at making sure you get the right oil change done fast, without sacrificing any quality of service. We not only keep a large stock of popular oil filters and oil types at our Dinuba location to service your car swiftly, but we use a check point system to make sure that everything is ready to go before you drive off.

You have probably heard horror stories about someone losing an engine due to an oil drain plug being left loose or not put back in after an oil change at a service shop. That won’t happen at A-Plus Automotive. Our staff makes sure to follow a procedure to verify that the drain plugs are in and the filter seals good before releasing the car to you. We know that your car is essential to your life and make sure that your oil change is done right and finished correctly to keep you on the road.

There is more to an oil change than just draining and filling the oil. Depending on the mileage of your car, the technician at A-Plus Automotive may do a complete drain and fill of the system. This doesn't have to be done often, but if you have had any major repair work done on the engine it is usually recommended. We can check and test your oil sensors too. As part of our oil change service at our Dinuba shop, we will inspect the underside of your car for any telltale signs of a leak in your system and let you know before a problem advances.